Amiga Animations


Last updated: 2021.11.22

These are really old. If you're used to seeing stuff done with Lightwave 5.0 with environment mapping and lens flare, then you'll be very disappointed. (It may, however, interest you to know that the software used to render most of these animations was VideoScape, the progenitor to LightWave.)

All these animations can be downloaded as either just the Amiga animation file, or as the entire VideoScape "source code" (yes, that means you can get a copy of that miserable unicycle). Currently, the animations themselves are in Amiga format (IFF FORM ANIM) only. I have been unable to find any Amiga-based tools to convert Amiga ANIM files to the animated GIFs which seem to be all the rage these days. Pointers to such tools would be appreciated.

All the animations are low-resolution, and all of them are under a meg when uncompressed (I didn't own a hard disk back then, you see). The animation files are not precise duplicates of the originals as they were released. I only just recently discovered that VideoScape 2.0 has a bug in it that causes it to write invalid header data that some packages check, and will barf on if it's not correct. The files available here have had their headers corrected.

3D rendering packages have long since grown in sophistication and power beyond my ability to use them well. But in the old days, while things were still primitive and one guy could still hack together something neat, I had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Available Animations