Iron Man

You, Too, can Build a Career in Computer Animation


Last updated: 2021.11.22

This is my only commissioned work. Mike Saenz, a graphic novel artist of many years, had just completed and published a graphic novel entitled Iron Man: Crash, employing Marvel Comics' character Iron Man.

The novel was unique in that it was made entirely with computers; no "traditional media" were involved. All the panels and frames were drawn digitally using a piece of custom software that ran on a high-end Mac.

Given it's digital origins, Mike wanted to promote the book in digital fora, and asked me to create a promotional animation for uploading to online services. These days, such a thing would be just this side of spamming, but back then, any new animation was gobbled up enthusiastically, no matter its content.

Note: DO NOT CALL the telephone number listed in the ad. Iron Man: Crash is long since out of print, and I'm not even sure the number connects to Marvel anymore. Just don't bother...

Animation Info

# Frames Frame Rate Resolution # Colors Continuous Loop
59 15 FPS 320 * 200 4096 (HAM) No

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