SpaceDock (First Draft)

But Can You Make this One Small Change...


Last updated: 2021.11.22

This was the first draft for the space docking animation for the old "Stevie" Amiga television ads.

We initially chose this design because it looked "computery." But when Reichart went down to the studio to show it to them, he also happened to bring along a copy of BoingTrek, which he showed to them as well. According to Reichart, they loved BoingTrek, and said, "Give us something that looks more like that." SpaceDock was the subsequent result.

This is the first time this animation has seen the light of day. The animation was storyboarded by Reichart Von Wolfsheild.

Animation Info

# Frames Frame Rate Resolution # Colors Continuous Loop
86 15 FPS 320 * 200 32 No

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