When you sit back and realize how long you've been doing this in one form or another, you find it's rather difficult to know where to begin when someone asks, "Tell me about yourself."

From a very early age, I knew there were two things I wanted to devote myself to above all others. One was performing arts, an avocation which I perennially intend to pursue with greater resolve with each passing day just as soon as I get over my stage fright.

The other was computers.

This is an old-school style personal home page -- the kind people used to make for themselves before MySpace took over everything. There is no active content. There is no comments section. There is no JavaScript. There are no cookies. No ${EXPLETIVE}ing ads. It's just me and a disjointed collection of ideas and thoughts and kluges collected over the years.

Some Stuff for Which I'm Culpable

Random Ravings

The Origin of "ewhac": Where my unusual username comes from.

ewhac 2021 C Coding Guidelines: Google? GNU? Torvalds/Linux? K&R? Hungarian notation? MISRA(ble)? All wrong. Here you will find The Final Authority on coding style for the C programming language. Adopt no substitutes.

Amiga Stuff: Some stuff I created for the Amiga computer.

Rantopia: Vintage random ravings.

ewhac Around the Web

I've been on the 'net for a long time, and have presences in several places:

Email to me also still works, but if I put a working link here all the miserable spambots will find it, and the relative dearth of spam I'm enjoying will end. So stick an '@' between 'ewhac' and 'ewhac.org' and you'll get to me.

Places I've Worked