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Last updated 2009.03.06

This list of changes is maintained by hand. One day, in the distant future, I may convert it to a more automated system involving RCS, CVS, or something similar.

List of Changes

Updated (again) the list on the main page of companies I've worked for.
Updated the list on the main page of companies I've worked for.
Whaddya know; I actually wrote something! Check out the new story in the News from The Alternate Universe.
Added an update to the end of It Wasn't Just a Coffee Shop, Dammit in the Theatre: Lansdale is still incubating, and I found a couple of other shops nearby...
Microtimes deleted from their Web server the back-issue that contained my editorial, By Reading This Article, You Agree to Subscribe to This Magazine for 25 Years. So I dug out the original text and placed it in the Theatre.
Updated the Things That Suck page: Divx is dead!
Added a new postscript to It Wasn't Just a Coffee Shop, Dammit in the Theatre: Someone's moving in to Lansdale...
After putting it off for no good reason, I've added a link to Slashdot on the main page.
Added a link on the main page to Uncle Jimbo's Story Hour.
Added a link to It's a Dysfunctional Life, companion feature of SpinnWebe's The Dysfunctional Family Circus.
Fixed link on the Quake page to the Quake Network Protocol. Also added a couple more links while I was there.
Update to the Theatre: Added a link to my article for the Be Developers' Newsletter, Adventures in Graphics Drivers.
Added The Anti-Spam Manifesto, a little work of fiction I rediscovered recently.
Changed the name of the Theatre to The Semi-Agnostic Pedestrian Theatre of the Aggressively Confused Somnambulist. See the page for why.
Updated the Doer's Profile with recent accomplishments and books read.
Added a link to Carl Sassenrath's REBOL home page.
Major re-org. Too many changes to list. First update of any kind in far too long.
Repaired the link to David Joiner's Home Page on the main page.
Amended the defunct comment to In Orbit Around The Web on the main page.
Added a link to This Modern World on the main page.
SpinnWebe is back on the air! And with it, the Dysfunctional Family Circus. Link on the main page has been repaired.
Marked In Orbit Around the Web as defunct.
Marked a bunch of defunct links, pending repair or deletion.
Added a new photo of myself with some friends.
Added a link to Dilbert and Jon Carroll.
Added a postscript to my coffee shop essay in the Semi-Agnostic Pedestrian Theatre.
Fixed HTML syntax error in the main page. (My Web authoring tool is 'vi,' by the way...)
Added a link to the Internet Oracle. (Why this didn't occur to me earlier, I have no idea...)
1997.01.12 (Happy Birthday, HAL!)
Added a link to David Joiner's home page on my main page.
Added a link to Prolific Publishing and Be, Inc.
Updated The Semi-Agnostic Pedestrian Theatre with a link to my article published in MicroTimes issue #157.
Fixed broken link to es2.lha on the Amiga pages.
Added this change history document.
Added the Amiga page heirarchy, and moved the existing Amiga files into it.
Added some new photos of me.

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