The Semi-Agnostic Pedestrian Theatre of the Aggressively Confused Somnambulist*

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Be aware that some of these are over a year old; the performance may seem dated today. In the case of exceptionally old performances, a postscript has been added to bring the essay up to date.


What's this supposed to be about?
These are random muses and essays written at random times about random subjects as the mood strikes me. I enjoy writing, sometimes just for the heck of it, so these pages are a bit of an ego trip for me (like your home page isn't). Some are the result of more thought than others. Try thinking of it as a kind of talk radio show, only done less regularly, and by someone who actually knows what he's talking about.
What the heck ramsey does that name mean?
Not much. I chose it more for its meter than its meaning, although the meaning is pertinent as well. It's something that just came to me in a caffeine-induced epiphany. I thought it sounded rather cool. You are free to form your own opinion.
What does 'somnambulist' mean?
Look it up.
Didn't this used to be called something else?
Yes, it used to be called The Semi-Agnostic Pedestrian Theatre of the Aggressively Confused Belarfnq.
Yes. Belarfnq (pronounced bel-ARF-nuh-Kyoo) is a word of Jovian origin. It was originally a proper name, belonging to a bureaucrat renowned for his literal interpretation and rigid adherence to the letter of regulations, regardless of the reasons for which they were enacted. The word is now employed as a pejorative term.
So why did you change it?
In truth, 'belarfnq' was always just a placeholder for the word I really wanted, but couldn't think of. I knew I wanted it to be four syllables, with the accents on the second and fourth syllables. Finally, while flipping through my copy of Roget's, I found the word I wanted. 'Somnambulist' is pertinent as the umbrella heading for these essays, as I hope the reader will be awakened to new thoughts, ideas, and ways of seeing things.
I think you're a {genius,moron}. How do I tell you?
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