30 seconds

by Leo L. Schwab


Intended for use during the "M2/PowerPlayer" launch. (This ad presumes that a jet fighter game is in development and will be available.)

The name PowerPlayer is a term of my own invention; I made it up. It is not the official name of the machine.

Open on closeup of fighter pilot, face obscured by respirator mask, tinted eye shield, and helmet. The terrain before him is reflected in the eye shield. Jet engines roar in the background. Cut to pilot's view; we're plummeting straight toward the ground.
The ground rushes toward you.
Cut to outboard shot of fighter pulling up and levelling off; a mighty din of engines is heard as it passes. Cut to shot of field ahead, from which rise two helicopter gunboats.
Enemies appear...
Cut to close of up pilot's gloved hand urgently pressing a button. Cut to forward-facing shot of fighter plane. Two missiles are launched; their rockets add to the roar of the engines. Cut to pilot's view; the missile trails move unerringly to their targets.
(grimly, but slightly smug) And disappear.
The helicopters explode, the debris whipping past as we fly between them. Cut to close up of pilot's face. An urgent electronic beep is heard; a flashing red light is seen reflected in the eye shield. Cut to pilot's view; a HUD marks a ground target in the distance, almost obscured by the haze.
You sight your target...
Cut to close up of pilot's gloved hand. Again, a finger presses a button; we hear the rockets of the missiles leaving. Cut to pilot's view. The missiles fly to the target and explode with a satifying fireball.
And your mission is complete.
Cut to outboard shot of fighter. It banks and veers off, heading for home. Cut to close up of pilot's face; the tilted landscape is dimly discernable off the face of the eye shield as he levels off. Cut to close up of pilot's hand; he brings the stick back to the vertical. Cut to pilot's view. We are at low altitude; the landscape streaks beneath us at incomprehensible speed. There is a ridge ahead. Cut again to pilot's hand; he noses the fighter up.
Is this a government lab? Some secret military base? No.
Cut to wide shot of TV set (about 25") sitting in the middle of a home entertainment center. Atop it is an M2 PowerPlayer, its CD access light blinking madly. On the screen is the pilot's view we saw earlier; he just clears the ridge.
It's your living room.
Cut to medium shot of "pilot," a 12-year-old sitting on a couch, holding a flightstick, wearing a flight helmet and respirator mask. Following are various jump-cuts between the PILOT, the screen, the controller, and the PowerPlayer.
The new PowerPlayer from 3DO. Experiences so powerful, so real, you'll need a crash helmet.
(OOV) Jeff!
Cut to two-shot of FATHER leaning over rear of couch addressing JEFF/PILOT. He is Not Amused.
(sternly) Have you done your homework?
As the last word leaves his mouth, JEFF/PILOT'S hand stabs at the couch, OOV. He brings up a piece of college-ruled paper on which are scrawled math equations. He thwaps it before FATHER and returns his attention to the game. FATHER picks it up and looks at it, mildly surprised.
(realizing what it is) Oh...
Cut to full-screen pilot's view. Loud rush of engines is restored. Key 3DO/PowerPlayer logo with text:
The PowerPlayer. From 3DO.
Below that, in smaller type:
(Crash helmet sold separately.)
Fade to black.

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Copyright © 1996 Leo L. Schwab. All Rights Reserved.

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