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Off the Top of My Head

These are some ideas I thought up for some promotional spots for the 3DO multiplayer, and thought others might be interested to see the kind of enthusiasm that can be bred by working around here. Even though some of them are a bit dated (most are over a year old), I still think they're kinda fun.

Please be aware that these ads are not in production, nor are they being considered for production. They're just some ideas I cooked up on my own. Don't pester the 3DO marketroids about when you can look forward to seeing them; they don't know anything about it.

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The Unauthorized 3DO Logo

I actually created this about three years ago, before the 3DO multiplayer was released. At that time, I had seen a number of movie posters which consisted solely of an iconic logo (the Batman symbol, for instance) and a date, all on a black background. Very distinctive. Very cool.

I thought I'd have a go at this, and created the following image. I used Lightwave v2.0 on an Amiga to create the 3D scene, hauled the image over to the Mac and used Photoshop to add the text. (The text below the icon used to read, "Fall 1993," like the movie posters. Now it simply says, "3DO".)

This image is not an official licensed product symbol, and despite the fact that it looks like the 3DO logo, it is not 3DO's logo, nor is it in any way sanctioned for use as a logo to represent The 3DO Company, its products, or anything else. It's just a cool picture I made. So don't go plastering this image all over the Net saying it's 3DO's cool new logo. It ain't. (They're real picky about that sort of thing.)

In fact, once they find out it's here, they'll probably make me take it down, so grab it while you can. Enjoy!

3DO and 3DO Multiplayer are registered trademarks of The 3DO Company.

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